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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing and User Management

User Management and Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics 365The Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription is managed in the Microsoft Office online portal (, which is the same place that an organization manages their Microsoft Office...

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Choosing a Version of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 VersionsThe focus of this blog is currently the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service applications. But for context, we supply the full, current list of business software applications that make up Microsoft Dynamics 365....

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Navigating Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 NavigationIt’s important to understand how to navigate through the system. Now that you understand the definition of views and forms, you can better understand how to locate those important sets of data. As you shall see, there are...

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Views and Forms in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Creating Views and Forms in Microsoft Dynamics 365One of the most important aspects of customizing the user experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the construction of custom views and forms.  These components can be created on standard entities that come...

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Basic Architecture of Microsoft Dynamics 365

A number of functional modules exist in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and the Microsoft Dynamics Service Apps, which are the most common Microsoft Dynamics 365 versions deployed. A few of important points should be understood about modules:

They are customizable – that is, what entities appear can be modified.
Because they can be changed, by default, they represent the perspective of an imaginary job role. For instance, the features in the Sales module are those that Microsoft originally imagines a salesperson would be interested in using.
The entities common to other modules are the SAME set of data. This is important to understand. Meaning – the Contacts that are seen in Service are the same Contacts that are seen in Sales.

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Understanding Customer Relationship Management

Modern Customer Relationship Management systems are designed in a way to improve operational efficiency. That is, whatever business process is in place, or whatever business process needs to be designed, or re-designed, a good Customer Relationship Management system will support, and perhaps even help enforce an efficient operational process. If the process, whether it be sales, service, marketing, or another completely different type of process is supported by a well-designed CRM, you can expect to realize a wide range of benefits.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Glossary

Why is it important to start with an agreed-upon glossary when embarking on a deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365?  Because confusion can arise when one person’s “entity” is another’s “table” in a database – as one simple example. If you have any suggestions of important terms we missed that would be useful in this context, please feel free to add to the comments section of this post!   

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community

The Microsoft Dynamics Community site is a great resource for information regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community


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