The Most Comprehensive Marketing Solution for Dynamics 365

The Marketing Problem … Solved

If you are running or contemplating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, there is one feature that you must not overlook: sophisticated marketing automation.

When we use the word “sophisticated” we are taking about automated, intelligent interactions between your organization and your potential and existing clients and customers.  If you are a marketer you know exactly what we mean – things like automated responses based on web content like forms or surveys, or interactions with links embedded in email communications, or text messages when specific data changes in CRM.  And all of it flowing into your CRM system and landing in places were you can make smart decisions as to who to spend your time with. 

The REALLY powerful stuff makes its appearance when you combine the workflow engine built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement with the smooth and simple ClickDimensions interface. Using these features in tandem will allow you set up branching, intelligent, and logic-based nurture campaigns that you can set and let run along by themselves. 

What do you get back from all of this, as a busy marketer?  Your time.  How valuable is that?