Custom Online Courses

On-Demand, Video/Quiz, Professional

Stop Worrying about the Training

Lack of good training is implicated in many software deployment failure stories. Nowadays, end users expect training with the following qualities — and they deserve it:

  • 24/7 On-Demand
  • Available from anywhere
  • Structured Content
  • Video, Quiz + Written Manuals
  • Optional Gamification

We will build and optionally host course content for you in an online Learning Management System. We offer three convenient packages to choose from, with an option to completely customize your learning package with as much content as you need.

This is a sample module from a private course. The intro, branding, and content would, of course, be for your organization.


Marketing for Startups ... done right!

In this paper we discuss and compare the best solutions for the modern marketer available today.

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