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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accelerator for Non-Profit Donor Management

NonProfit Add-On Released by Microsoft

Microsoft recently released an “Accelerator” for Nonprofit companies that are currently using Microsoft Dynamics 365. For those that don’t know what is meant by the term Accelerator in this context, it’s essentially a solution that provides pre-configured entities that relate to the vertical market in question. In this case, it’s the Not-for-Profit sector, and Donor Management.

This is helpful, since Salesforce is often touted as the CRM of choice for Non-Profits, but we respectfully disagree. In fact, we believe that Dynamics 365 is a great choice, and we have even built a course for organizations who wish to build a custom solution.

But for those organizations who just want to get started quickly, the new accelerator should provide a nice starting point.

According to the AppSource,” … the Nonprofit Accelerator extends the Common Data Model (CDM) to include new entities to support a data schema for the nonprofit sector. With the Common Data Model organizations have a unified view of their data across sources which enables business apps to deliver new insights and drive intelligence-based experiences to users within the organization.”

You can test drive this application, even without having your own instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365, y visiting the AppSource listing here.

Custom areas and entities that come with this solution include:

Fundraising Management

  • Donor Commitments
  • Planned Giving
  • Transactions

Grant Management

  • Objectives
  • Programs
  • Grant Request
  • Grant Awards
  • Dockets

Program Management

  • Programs
  • Budgets
  • Benchmarks
  • Reviews

Volunteer Management

  • Volunteers
  • Applicants

Below is a screen shot that shows the navigation (sitemap) of the solution.

This is definitely worth a try and using the Test Drive feature mentioned above you can try it out without even purchasing Microsoft Dynamics 365!  An alternative is to download the solution and install it into a trial version of Microsoft Dynamics 365, but this is a bit more work, and requires knowledge how to install a solution.