Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub

The “Customer Service Hub”, shown below in Figure 1, is available as part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service subscription.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub

Figure 1 – The Microsoft Dynamics 365 App known as the Customer Service Hub

For the most part, the same data available in the classic Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service module, such as Cases and Activities, is also available in the newly-designed Customer Service Hub.  It’s mainly a matter of preference, and some users may prefer one over the other.  Many users may find the design of the Customer Service Hub more modern, and more in keeping with other Microsoft Office components, such as Teams and Planner.

Certain tasks, such as navigating and creating and editing records is slightly different in the Customer Service Hub than classic Microsoft Dynamics 365. As an example, see figures 2 through 4 below, which is the method by which you would create a case in the Customer Service Hub.

In the steps below, we walk through the creation of a Case using the Customer Service Hub.

  1. On the Dashboard, click the small menu icon under “Filtered” on the Case view as shown below.

Customer Service Hub Step 1

Figure 2 – Click the icon to reveal “Create mode”

  1. Click the “ + New Case” icon that is revealed as shown below.

Customer Service Hub Step 2

Figure 2 – Creating a new case in the Customer Service Hub

  1. Populate at least the first two required fields as shown below, then any other relevant fields on the Quick Create: Case form and click “Save”

Customer Service Hub Step 3

The two required fields on this Quick Create form are Customer and Case Title.  Other fields are also useful. There are a total for 10 unlocked fields by default.  Generally, the more fields used, the better for reporting, tracking, and management purposes.

Figure 4  – Fields on the Quick Create: Case form in the Customer Service Hub

Accessing the Customer Service Hub

If your users decide that they would like to use the Customer Service Hub instead of the classic and traditional Microsoft Dynamics 365 interface, they can access the app through these steps:

  1. Log into Microsoft Office Portal.
  2. Click on the Dynamics 365 Icon.
  3. Choose the “Customer Service Hub” in the list of tiles.  See the screen shot below for an example of what your tile may look like.

Customer Service Hub Tile

This is a typical tile as shown in the Office Portal, under “Dynamics 365.” Substitute your tenant name for “Blackfin Cloud Services” and your tile should look almost identical.

Interface Choice

It’s a good thing that Microsoft has created this app, since ultimately, the users will decide whether they wish to use the classic interface made available with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription, or the more modern Customer Service Hub.