The District needed help designing and deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM for fourteen operational business units. The successful three-year project now ensures that tens of thousands of critical interactions are tracked by a thousand dedicated staff.

Hollywood Studio 1

There was a time when the used material from this leading Hollywood studio productions, like props and so forth, went into local landfills after the credits rolled. Then they went Green! And they used Microsoft Dynamics to figure out how to match needy folks with stuff from TV and movies. Nice use case!

Epic Games

Imagine a 30-foot action figure in the lobby with a slide from the second floor.  Plus a climbing gym in the breakroom, and most staff spin to the next meeting on a scooter . That’s Epic Games. If only the project had lasted more than 8 months!  Back then, Epic wasn’t quite so … EPIC as it is now – but the cool factor was always there.  

NYC Planning

New York City’s Department of Planning needed a good set of online learning material for their custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment. Now their users can look forward to 24/7 training access, quizzes, and progress reports. Go Yankees!


The University had a fascinating requirement that really illustrates just how “dynamic” Microsoft Dynamics can be. Instead of tracking customers, UCLA used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to track … mice!  Every critter accounted for. True story, and a lot of fun as well.



Up until 1880, before the American Society of Mechanical Engineers began inspecting and approving technology, boilers used to blow up randomly!  ASME knows standards, and they chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage their operations. Says something, doesn’t it?

Ball Aerospace

So it turns out that the aerospace industry is ALL ABOUT relationships. So many projects over so many years – most engineers know each other, but just try to remember the details. And it turns out that managing those relationships are best done with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So … what are you waiting for? Launch!

Illinois Tool Works

Who knew that a company that had the original contract for WW1 rifles grew into a 600+ company behemoth!  We didn’t, until we showed up to help them roll out Microsoft Dynamics for about a dozen autonomous units. Intense project, but pretty awesome.


Home is where the heart is, and that’s where our hearts were for an eight-month project with the real estate giant, who needed to track the support calls for a specific set of services. Support can be complex, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 does well with complexity, thank goodness.

Hollywood Studio 2

Top-Top Secret!  All we can say was that it had something to do with Microsoft Dynamics and NOTHING to do with the Transformers! We are allowed an opinion, however: an Elegant Integration when it mattered most. We love working with the studios … creativity oozes.


The New York Power Authority is one of the NY “Authorities,” which is a unique group of organizations that are “sort of” public. Anyone responsible for powering up the Empire State is an authority in our book. Besides that, working with the folks at NYPA was one of the most pleasurable of the last twelve. Excellent, excellent people to work with.

All the Rest

We told about a dozen cool stories here, but here’s to the other 100+ deployments that Owen worked on — large, medium, small and micro. Every one of them is as interesting as the rest, because all of them made a good decision to use a Customer Relationship Management system, which is a good first step by any measure.

Our Experience, Your Choices

Feel free to flip through our experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365.  For the past twelve years, Owen Scott has been a part of many projects deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 365, from organizations with tens of thousands of employees, as well as small and micro-businesses.  He has served as Enterprise Architect, Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Technical Lead.  There is little doubt that we can help you achieve your goals with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Microsoft Dynamics Services

Spend one hour with Owen Scott, send information about your businesses, and he will deliver a 6-10 page “blueprint” that you can use with or without Blackfin Cloud to build out Microsoft Dynamics 365 tailored for your business.  Here is a sample of the document delivered. ($599.00)

Purchase the hours you need to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 and let Blackfin Cloud do the work. This could include interviews, analysis, design, configuration and data migration. You can purchase 5, 10, 20 or more hours at a time. ($1,000 – $2,500).  Details.

Poor or zero training is implicated in most failed business software projects. All training plans should include some type of Learning Management.  This means on-demand video-based training available 24/7, with quizzes and if desired, certificates and gamification to make it fun. ($1,500 – $4,100). Details.

Live online training with recorded and downloadable sessions is a sure-fire way to get your users off to the right start. And for those who like to roll up their sleeves, these training packages can be used to configure your own instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365, potentially savings thousands of dollars in consulting fees. ($499 – $1,199).  Details. 

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