BUG ALERT: Filename Issues in Chrome version 72 and Microsoft Dynamics

Single Quote Filename Issues using Chrome Version 72 and Microsoft Dynamics

An issue appeared with the release of Chrome version 72 that impacts users who access Microsoft Dynamics CRM, 365, and other Dynamics products, wherein the filename of a file that is downloaded from the application (such as generated Word Templates, or Email Attachments) is wrapped with single quotes. So you end up with something like ‘mytemplate.docx’ instead of simply mytemplate.docx.

As you might imagine, this presents a problem with the operating system, which relies on the file extension to open the file properly.  Windows will not recognize a .docx’ extension.  So in order to open the file, the filename must be renamed to strip away the single quotes.

The developers of Chrome (Chromium, actually) are aware of this, and here is a thread that provides a lot of information as to when we might be able to see this fixed permanently.  So you don’t have to scroll through the thread, here are some important points:

  • Both Microsoft and the developers of Chromium are working on this.
  • First to be fixed on the Microsoft side is probably going to be Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • It’s anyone’s guess who will fix it first, but on the Chromium side, it appears that a fix will be permanent in version 74, which is due out ” … in about four weeks.”
  • For On-Premise users there is a (surely unsupported) fix involving web.config.  (Scroll down in the Chromium thread shown above for that.)


Probably the best workaround is to use a different browser for now. Neither Firefox nor Edge seem to have this issue. This might be the best solution, since it appears that the issue will be resolved relatively soon.

If you are On-Premise, there is a web.config change that can be made, although it’s most likely unsupported, so environments that have strict controls over workarounds like this may reject this workaround.