Document Management Rendering in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Rendering your SharePoint Integration

By far, the best method of integrating document management with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance is through SharePoint Online. Yes, it’s possible to use the list component with an on-premise SharePoint instance, but it’s just so much more seamless and simple to manage if you go all-in on the cloud version of SharePoint.

One small complaint that I have heard is that when you integrate SharePoint in this way, you must reach the documents through the Associated View menu for the entity you are working with. This means that you must click at to the top of the screen and then choose “Documents” from the choices of associated entities that are presented. See below.

Figure 1 – Reaching the Document Management section of an entity record requires 2 clicks as shown above

The Almighty Click

Software users often complain about extra clicks. It makes sense – if you add up all of those clicks over ten years of clicking and then divide by half you would save a decent amount of time. And I will agree that Microsoft Dynamics 365 remains a pretty “clicky” interface.

And so the question has come up as to whether there is any way to reduce the number of clicks – or at least somehow make it so the documents were accessible right on the form, and not by clicking the associated entities.

The Web Resource

There is a way – it’s not strictly supported, but I wouldn’t say it’s explicitly unsupported either. And it currently works.  As always, you run the risk of it not working in future iterations of Microsoft Dynamics 365, but it’s a pretty easy thing to disable.  It consists of an iFrame, plus some JavaScript to render the iFrame on the form – and it’s really just the same iFrame that is used by the Document Management integration itself.

Demonstrating the Choices

Below is a video that demonstrates the choices between using this solution and the out-of-the-box document management.

An important thing to understand is that you must have Document Management installed and configured with SharePoint Integration for this to work.  All this solution does is just save you a click – but we all know that those can add up!

SharePoint Integration Rendering in Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Blackfin Cloud Services on Vimeo.