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Analysis and Design Deliverables

Analysis and Design is a critical phase in any software development project. It begins with interviews with key stakeholders and potential users of the system. The Analysis phase usually consists of further back-and-forth as findings are analyzed and then confirmed. The output of the analysis and design phase is a set of documentation that makes sure all stakeholders are on the same page, and also provides direction for those that will customize the software system to meet the requirements.

Depending on the size of the project, the analysis and design phase, and also the documentation, may vary. We present two types of document samples below —  1) An “Enterprise Analysis“, which consists of two-days, usually onsite, followed by three days offsite, and a  comprehensive and detailed document delivered. and 2) A “QuickStart Blueprint” which is the result of a single hour interview, followed by the analysis of artifacts obtained, and a design presented,.

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Enterprise Analysis

The sample document presented here is a typical result of a 5-day engagement, usually the first two days of which are onsite, where representatives from each stakeholder group are interviewed carefully.  This is followed by an examination of all artifacts that are available, such as existing systems, processes, and reports, if applicable. The remaining three days are usually spent offsite, preparing the delivery of the documentation that will consist of a functional and technical specification.  The functional specification is usually reviewed by the business stakeholders, and the technical specification is reviewed by the technical stakeholders.  Once the document is confirmed, creation of the solution can begin.

Download a Sample Analysis Below!

QuickStart Blueprint

The sample presented here is for organizations who wish to get up and running with Microsoft Dynamics 365 very quickly. The process begins with a 1-hour interview, online, with screen sharing if necessary, where specific requirements are gathered at a high level.  This is followed by an examination of any relevant artifacts. In the next few days, a 6-10 page document is delivered which consists of a “blueprint” for the quick deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Custom entities or customization of existing entities are identified, with an Entity Relationship Diagram.  The organization is then free to use the delivered document for their own efforts, or enlist the services of Blackfin Cloud to build their customized version of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Download a Sample Analysis Below!