Software Solutions

A Little Code Goes a Long Way

The KryptoTrak Project

We ran a podcast that analyzed the blockchain and ICO phenomenon for about six months, but when we realized that the entire sector was rife with chaos, we took a break for a few months to build some software to wrestle some sense into it. We are proud of what we built, and especially pleased that it’s certified in the Microsoft AppSource Store.  With over twenty-seven custom entities and a wide array of functionality, there’s plenty it can do to help people make good decisions.

The point is that it’s quite possible to quickly solve problems without a huge amount of heavy lifting, especially if you start with a solid and easy-to-use platform. Contact us if you’d like chat about your special situation that needs fixing.

Low-Code Doesn’t Mean No-Code

Our approach is usually to start with a platform that is fully-functional and which can easily be extended.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce are great examples of this, where the starting point is usually closer to the finish line. Fortunately, though, both platforms have excellent API’s and can be extended with code to make just about anything happen you can think of.

We believe in Agile.  First, we spend solid time with stakeholders to gather and carefully document requirements. Then those requirements are confirmed to the best of everyone’s ability. Because it’s usually a low-code environment, we can very quickly present some working designs and let the users try the concepts out. Here we ask for another confirmation. This process repeats itself.  To hear us talk about this for a few minutes, have a listen to the video to the right.