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You need help, and you need it now.  We have been helping companies with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployments since 2006.  We are experts in Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI,  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and On-Premises. If you are curious as to what we can support, please check out Platforms.  

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What's a "Support Unit"?

A Support Unit is very simply the smallest amount of effort our team will expend to solve a problem.  This is best understood by example. Your deployment will be unique to your situation, but common enough scenarios are shown below:


Typical Problem Description Typical # of Units
The answer to a question about Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Dynamics, or Azure is required, and the answer is not immediately available or clear using an Internet search. 1
The Account form must be re-organized, with sections moved, several new fields added, and security placed on the form for certain security roles 2
A Power Automate is required to retrieve a list of subordinate records, select the most recent, perform a comparison and then an operation on the parent record. 6
A custom table must be built, with appropriate permissions, and forms, views, and subgrids on parent forms created. Tasks must be created automatically based on the creation of records of this new type. 12
A complex Power Automate is required to parse data from multiple tables, populate a Word template, convert the word template to a PDF, and email the file to one or more users or contacts stored in the system, either statically, or in relationship to the triggering entity/table. 18

Examples Above ... but only examples. We got you no matter what you throw at us!

Of course these are just examples.  Just about anything you can dream up, if it has to do with Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI or Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement, you can use Support Units.

If you would like to discuss these plans, or have questions about then, please reach out here